Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Okay, first night out patrolling the beaches for sea turtle eggs...pretty cool. We basically just find nests, dig them up, and re-bury the eggs in the hatchery, where the eggs can be protected from predators, and then release the turtles back into the ocean when they hatch. There is so much wildlife at night that I've never seen before. Tonight, I saw some newly hatched baby sea turtles, adult female sea turtles laying their eggs, night herons hunting for crabs, raccoons looking for food (preferrably the eggs), and a hermit crab :)

Pictures below - not my own pictures, but this is pretty much what I saw....



  1. Didn't know they were racoons down there I guess I was wrong They are mapaches right? Can't wait til I move in May to Puerto Vallarta.

  2. Loved the pics!!! Sea turtles are so adorable!!

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