Fiesta Independencia

So the 14th is El Charro Day. We had to work, so we had to miss that. Then the 15th is the party for the 16th - Independence Day. Unfortunately, we missed a lot of the party and El Grito on the 15th because, wouldn't you just know it, we got distracted by some yummy food. We watched el grito in Mexico City on the restaurant tv while we ate, and then headed over to the main plaza for more food, music and dancing. Lots of military security, but no problems that I heard of, just a few pat-downs, and confiscations of alcohol.

The next day, Independence Day, was HOT. We walked around through the food, music, and dancing, and took some pictures. Take a look!

You can't really tell from the picture, but this guy was making his horse dance around to the music, while he drank his beer.

I also have an awesome video of some drunkards dancing, but can't seem to upload it right now. I'll try again later...

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