Day Trip - Sayulita

About 30-40 minutes outside of Vallarta, is the pueblo of Sayulita. This isn't your typical small town in Mexico. Sayulita looks more like a Santa Cruz-Mexico combo, kind of a beautiful and lively mexican/gringo surfer town, I would say. Lots of gringos everywhere,, boutique swim shops I can't afford, fresh seafood, lots of dogs, and who knows how many surf shops and real estate tiendas.

I fell in love within five minutes....and I'm not the only one. We chit-chatted with a former New Englander who had moved to Sayulita seven years prior. He and his wife were on a 10 day trip to Sayulita (7 yrs ago), and after only three days, they purcahsed a home!!!

It looks like we may be spending a lot of time surfing (or learning to surf) here in Sayulita!

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