Feed the Children Vallarta (formerly Children of the Dump)

Local program dedicated to feeding and educating kids in Vallarta

"In 1998 more than 80 families lived and worked in the Puerto Vallarta municipal dump, a towering garbage heap in one of the poorest neighborhoods. These families had no access to running water or sanitation and worst of all; the children did not attend school. Instead they spent their days with their families foraging through the garbage for useful items to sell to support their meager existence.

Twelve years later, thanks to the efforts of organizations like Feed the Children Vallarta and its partner, Perdon Y Amistad, and the City government, things have changed for the children. There are no more families living in the dump and while a few still live in shanties made of found materials, most of the children are able to attend school."

To volunteer or donate to this program, visit http://www.feedthechildrenvallarta.com

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