Semana Santa = crowded

Wow! there are a lot of people here this week! Yep, it's Semana Santa, the week before Easter when Mexican schools are closed. It seems Puerto Vallarta is a pretty popular spot for travelers to hit up the beaches. How many people? I've read that this is the "peak occupancy" time for Puerto Vallarta and the population of 300,000+ doubles, according to one estimate.

Apparently, not only Vallarta is effected. We chit-chatted with a local in Punta de Mita (about 30 minutes North) who noted that the popular surf beach near his home was more crowded than usual. Typically a very tranquil beach, there wasn't one tree's shade unoccupied by visitors that day. Still, the "crowds" at Punta de Mita were no comparison to those on the beaches of Vallarta.

Por la noche, the crowds moved to the malecon (the popular downtown boardwalk littered with bars, restaurants, etc). The main avenue along the malecon was closed to vehicular traffic, allowing pedestrians to flood the sidewalks and cobblestone street. We decided to join in on the fun with a date to a delicious Italian restaurant along the malecon, with a great view of all the fun to be had around us.

Pictures to come...

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